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Easily sell stocks, machines, remainders and more!

Auction and earn from your discarded goods

From used machines to overstock. With auctioning you sell all your items in 3 easy steps.

and Auctioning

Our employees thoroughly describe and photograph each item. We set up a publicity campaign and organise a viewing day. We answer questions from potential buyers and sort things out for them if necessary. Our auctioneers make every auction a success.

Pick up &

Your auctioned goods are collected by the highest bidder. We arrange this for both buyer and seller without any worries. Of course, we ensure that the payment is received and quickly appears on your account.

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"We had a demanding case, but all goals were achieved: maximum yield, fast settlement and environmentally friendly. I would certainly recommend Troostwijk as a partner to receivers".

Mr. R.J.H.M. Crombaghs| Rutten & Welling Advocaten

"I got more than 2.5 times what was offered to me".

Jan Schouwenburg | De Lodewijk grondwerken.

"We have been buying through Troostwijk Auctions for years. The network of buyers is large and you are taken by the hand from the start of the cooperation until the completion."

Tony Townsend, Director | Orbital Foods Ltd.




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Personal advice

Make a selection of the goods you would like to sell. We will give you clear and personal advice, an estimate of the total revenue and a clear plan and offer. Our sector specialist will always look along with you.

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The strength of selling with Troostwijk

3 reasons to auction with Troostwijk

Trusted selling since 1930

Selling through Troostwijk is safe and easy. For 90 years we have been specialist in (online) auctioning and auctioning all over the world. Curious how customers experience us? Read the experiences below.

Altijd de juiste kopers voor elke veiling

Wij zorgen ervoor dat uw verkoop succesvol is. Een enorme database en gerichte publiciteitscampagnes via advertenties, mails, social posts en pr, trekken de juiste kopers aan voor uw goederen.

Always the right buyers for every auction

We ensure that your sale is successful. A huge database and targeted publicity campaigns through ads, emails, social posts and PR attract the right buyers to your goods.

An auction specialist for each sector

Thanks to specialists throughout Europe, we know everything about your sector. And, of course, the true value of your goods. Are you selling with us? Then you will receive expert advice in your preferred language and the best yield.

Ready to start auctioning?

Online auction is the solution for your old machines, overstock or goods. These customers prove it:

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