Watch the video and find out how auctioning works for you

Watch the video to find out how auctioning works for you

Maximum result for your used machines & goods

We are your auction partner, connecting companies in the best possible way so they get the most out of trading used industrial goods.

You sell from

Maximising value from your industrial goods

Trusted collaborations with international sellers

Your auction expert

At Troostwijk, we are convinced that everything has value. But then you have to be able to find, recognise and realise this value. Our strength is in finding and maximising this value. We seamlessly bring supply and demand together in online auctions and ensure that, as a seller, you receive the best possible return for your goods.

Why sellers choose Troostwijk Auctions

Troostwijk is the business auction platform that brings sellers and bidders together across the globe. Every week, thousands of machines, tools and vehicles change hands through us.

Easy & accessible

A simple and accessible digital platform.

International reach

Large international reach and large selection of goods.

Fast service & payout

Swiftly continue your business thanks to our fast payouts.

Always nearby

We have offices in all countries we are selling from and speak local languages

90 years experience & expertise

Expert in (online) business auctions for 90 years

We understand the challenges you face as a seller. Whether you want to auction off one machine or clear your entire location, we offer flexible and discrete solutions to suit your needs. We have the experience and expertise to help with auctioning from A to Z to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Expert in your industry

If you want to sell your machinery and goods from your industry, auctioning with Troostwijk is a perfect way to get the most out of your equipment. We are a reliable, trusted auction partner with over 90 years of experience. We believe that everything has value and are here to help companies find, recognise and realise that value.

Auctioning in 3 easy steps

We help entrepreneurs make the most of used goods, whatever the reason for putting them up for sale. We are ready to support you in this process from A to Z. How does auctioning with Troostwijk work?

Before the auction

Make a selection of the goods you would like to sell. We will give you clear and personal advice, an estimate of the total proceeds and a clear auction plan. Our auction experts are always there for you.


During the auction

Our staff describe and photograph each item. We show your goods to our millions of audience and answer questions from potential buyers.


After the auction

Your auctioned goods will be picked up by the highest bidder. We arrange this seamlessly for buyer and seller. After you have transferred the goods, you will receive the money in your account.


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"We were approached by Troostwijk, prior to this we had not consciously considered auctioning when selling our surplus machinery. We experienced Troostwijk, as a company with a lot of expertise, pleasant and clear communication. All employees were professional and pleasant to work with. The goods were photographed for us and auctioned off online. We only had to prepare the machines ourselves. We more than achieved the desired result and will definitely auction our machines again with Troostwijk".

"Lots of expertise & a pleasant collaboration"

Laurens - G.J. en P. de Hartigh  B.V. 

"When dismantling the factory, I was facing high costs, but thanks to Troostwijk Auctions I actually have a positive return now. Due to business closure, we wanted to hand over our premises empty. Demolition would cost money, now we have an unexpected positive result by auctioning everything."

"Thanks to Troostwijk Auctions, I actually have a positive return now."

Brugman Radiatoren

"The cooperation is excellent"

''Troostwijk Auctions is very professional, the cooperation is excellent and I highly recommend Troostwijk to everyone (buyer and seller)!"

Orbital Food Machinery

'The right guidance and pleasant cooperation with Troostwijk enables us to sell our used machines quickly, efficiently and for the right price. We started working with Troostwijk Auctions in 2020 and have since auctioned off 9,000 lots to over 2,500 buyers. Because we have been able to fine-tune the processes clearly and in a well-organised manner with Troostwijk Auctions, auctioning has since become part of our primary sales process.'

Bart van Son - Boels Rental

"Auctioning has since become part of our primary sales process."

"We sell to 160 customers in one day. Troostwijk takes all the 'hassle' out of it!"

We have been auctioning machines from the agri-, earth-moving and metal sectors at Troostwijk for over 15 years. For us, Troostwijk is a logical sales platform because of the turnover rate. Troostwijk takes away all the 'hassle' you have through another sales channel. We offer 400 to 600 machines per auction and sell to around 160 customers in one day. This is our source of income. Troostwijk is a well-oiled machine and, above all, reliable. The organisation is growing fast, but the personal contact remains.

George Bos - 3BK Groep

What our sellers say

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+1 200 000

+15 000 000

+47 000 000




Our annual figures

Find a solution that suits you

Discover the strength of Troostwijk, the largest B2B industrial auction platform. Whether you are looking for your own bespoke auction, where we take care of several goods of different values, or a collective auction where several machines from different sellers are bundled into a single auction. Our experienced auction experts offer personal contact and support throughout the entire auction process, from planning to completion.

We aim to find the most suitable auction approach for your specific situation - whether it is a one-off sale or a recurring sale. All auctions are organised at your location, ensuring a smooth and secure auction experience. Although costs depend on the type of customisation required, our experts are ready to discuss your options and the costs during a consultation. Submit your contact details and find out what opportunities auctioning can offer you.

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Will you also be auctioning with us?
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